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  • Recap Gotcha Day with Nanner Frits Treats

    Recap Gotcha Day with Nanner Frits ...

    Posted by Valentine
    Sisfur Esmay’s Gotcha Day was on Tuesday, July 27, and to celebrate the occasion (more…) ...
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    Coolin’ the Furs

    Coolin’ the Furs

    Posted by Valentine
    feature photo: Profile Selfie from My Carriage Wowy, this summer has already been one of the hottest EVER! (more&h ...
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    Stars, Stripes, and Fur

    Stars, Stripes, and Fur

    Posted by Valentine
    Happy Fourth of July to our family and to all of our Noir Kitty Mews followers and furiends! (more…) ...
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  • Welcoming the Arrival of Summer on Father’s Day

    Welcoming the Arrival of Summer on ...

    Posted by Valentine
    Did you know that today is not only Father's Day, but also the first day of summer?! (more…) ...
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    Watchin’ CatCon From My Sofa

    Watchin’ CatCon From My Sofa

    Posted by Valentine
    Back in April, Mom and I got to experience CatCon for the very first time EVER. (more…) ...
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    Snaps, Roses, Mint and Floof

    Snaps, Roses, Mint and Floof

    Posted by Valentine
    Since my sisfurs and I don't get to go outside and wander (more…) ...
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  • Garden Beasties of All Kinds

    Garden Beasties of All Kinds

    Posted by Valentine
    Feature photo: Esmeralda hears birdie sounds as she spies out the window Even though Sisfurs and I don't get to ro ...
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    Nipping it Up

    Nipping it Up

    Posted by Valentine
    Feature Image: Esmay and Nip -- Selfie We’ve had a lot of warm sunny weather this month and Mom’s garden is so ...
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    Naps In Cushiness

    Naps In Cushiness

    Posted by Valentine
    I often take my afternoon naps in one of the shallow boxes that Mom leaves out on the kitchen table (more…) ...
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  • A Disposable Option For Kitty Business

    A Disposable Option For Kitty Busin...

    Posted by Valentine
    I don’t know about your pussycat(s), but my sisfurs and I stay indoors, and for that reason Mom has the potty roo ...
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    Inspired by Seuss: Mr. Sylvester Visits the Burb

    Inspired by Seuss: Mr. Sylvester Vi...

    Posted by Valentine
    Happy Dr. Seuss Day! I've been looking forward to this day as I have paw penned a poem that (more…) ...
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    Watching Over Sisfur Myrnie

    Watching Over Sisfur Myrnie

    Posted by Valentine
    I've been checking on Sisfur Myrnie and watching over her since she's been sick. My humans are still worried (more& ...
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  • Love Letters on Valentine’s Day 2021

    Love Letters on Valentine’s D...

    Posted by Valentine
    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!/HAPPY HEARTS DAY! everyone and everypawdy from me and my staff at Noir Kitty Mews! I hope yo ...
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    What Comes from Your Heart?

    What Comes from Your Heart?

    Posted by Valentine
    For those of you that missed my previous post "Mr. Tibbs: Loving the View, Cleo, and Films #MTIFF", I announced (mo ...
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    Mr. Tibbs: Loving the View and Films #MTIFF

    Mr. Tibbs: Loving the View and Film...

    Posted by Valentine
    Feature photo: Mr. Tibbs, Image credit: @JoyOfCats Oh I just love February! It’s not only the month in which my ...
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  • CONCATULATIONS to Marley who submitted the winning entry in my LOVE LETTER CONTEST!
    Click on the link below to read his letter and the Special Mention entries:

  • CONCATS! to Jessica Nelson who was randomly selected as the winner of my giveaway sponsored by PureLUXE pet foods. For details click below link.

  • CONCATS to Tim Tomcat for winning a copy of the book TOTAL CAT MOJO
    I offered in conjunction with the Purrfect Peace Masterclass.

  • CONCATS to Miss Vicky (Eastside Cats blog) for winning my All Hallows Eve Giveaway 2020 package!
    To learn what goodies and things she and her kitties have won click on the link below.

  • The Cat Writers Association selected Noir Kitty Mews, the website/blog, for a Certificate of Excellence Award. To learn more about it click the link below. Mew Mew!




HELLO and welcome to my creative genius, Noir Kitty Mews! It is on this site where I share with you - my family, furiends and fans - things that interest me. This includes a gallery of my photos, news articles as mews, and a selection of 

my favorite products as picks. I author posts on adventures, entertainment, love, life, health, and happiness. I also feature occasional posts by members of my staff and friends. Enjoy Noir Kitty Mews! Mew Mew! 




Me on camera

I am photogenic am I
not? On this site
I show you my best.


Me on video

Videos capture me
sleeping, lounging,
playing and just
being me.


My melodies

My eyes speak for
me most often, but
I also have a melodic


Kitty Treat Jar

by Oregon Stoneware Studio


Pet Treat Jar


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The Protagonists

Nature Researcher VIII

My former neighbor is elusive and mysterious. Her fab Tortie markings camouflage her in the outdoors where she spends most of her time.

Bounty Hunter

Merlin is my Siamese cousin, Oliver's prodigy. He goes after mice and bunnies--even sabre-toothed ones! He is also a social butterfly and likes to hang out on his patio.

Julius Coalpepper
Special Opurrative

A chat noir like me, but with short fur, Coalpepper keeps an eye on who comes and goes in the neighborhood. For a young chap he sure has street smarts.

Myrna Sterling
Anipal Relations Specialist

Sisfur Myrnie was rescued from the neighborhood. She wears long white gloves and stockings, and has extra toes! She enjoys purracticing Yoga with her paws.

The Antagonists

Sensory Panel Specialist

My Basset roommate is oddly proportioned, has an odor, and drools. Nonetheless she is harmless and has proven to be a loyal beastie.

Lily Madison
Costume Coordinator

Lily is a Westie diva. The only pet of her household, she is full of energy and spunk. She is curious and playful. Her voice can break glass.

Hattie Belle
Jr. Explorer

Hattie is my young cousin who has already had a very busy first year discovering nature. She idolizes her brofur Merlin and thinks she's a cat, too.

Master Gardener

This silly squirrelygig visits my backyard often. She keeps busy planting peanuts in the garden, but always makes time to snack on some, too.


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